G-Switch bass drone

The key enables you to quickly switch the bass drone from d to g while playing. The G-switch comes with the key (which has two resting positions) and a second tuning slide which is hidden in the wooden part.

The g is tuned with the first tuningslide. After switching to d, the second tuningslide can be used for finetuning. After that, it is possible to switch between d and g while playing and both tones will be in tune.

-Very compact design

-Round and bassy sound ;)

-Switching while playing

-360° turnable

Eine kleine Demonstration der Funktion.

Kannmacher Switch

The Kannmacher Switch is based on the clever idea of Thomas Kannmacher. It is a mechanism in the back of the mainstock which enables you to activate a fourth drone with the usual drone-switch. The switch will have four positions instead of the traditional two. (see pic below)

-Very compact design

-Easy to activate with the thumb while playing

-A lot of options due to the four positions

Regulator Options

Bend Bass Bar

The bend bass shortens the whole set and makes it easier to reach the regulators while playing.

-Easier to reach the regulators

-Straight playing position (no knee problems for long persons ;)

-Shorter packsize for travel

-Makes it easier to play the regs with your thumb


#C Key Bass Regulator

My bass regulator design makes it possible to add an additional #c key above the c. This extends the minor scale and can be played solo or in combination with a,g,#f or e (if attached).



The e-regulator can be played solo or in combination with the bass regulator giving you four new minor chords. (Five if you have the #c attached). This doubles the musical options of your regulator setup.

The e-reg. is attached below the bass reg. to keep the slim appearance of the set. That way it is possible to reach the single tenor reg. while playing or play the bass reg without touching the e unintentionally.

- Four to five new minor chords!!!

Rogge Tuning Slides


 A pretty neat innovation from Andreas Rogge, allowing to tune while playing. It is available for chanter, tenor-, baritone and e-regulator.

-Allowing to tune while playing

-Tuning without looking at the reed

-Regulator bindings can be stronger that the regs. won't move while playing

-Less broken reeds


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